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You don’t have to be an expert to get your business website ranking at the top of the search engines, nor do you have to use the services of an SEO Agency who typically charge between £500 and £2,000+ per month. SEOgym is perfect for beginners with no (or little) experience in SEO, right up to experienced business owners who have perhaps been carrying out SEO on their website for years, but need a boost.

SEO Gym will teach you step-by-step exactly how to optimize your website WITHOUT the need to hire expensive SEO agencies, or expensive consultants.

Our unique approach to SEO is surprisingly easy…..

We ask you to complete some simple tasks on your website – which should give you virtually instant higher rankings.

In the meantime, we will monitor your website’s rankings in the search engines and show you (at a glance) where you are ranking for various keyword phrases.

As you complete these easy tasks on your website, you should see your rankings steadily improving over time, as your website is constantly optimised with our help.

Our powerful monitoring tools also show you at a glance exactly how your website is performing in the search engines.

Stay one-step ahead of your competitors by using SEO Gym.

Why pay £500 to £2000+ per month to an SEO Agency when you can become a member of SEO Gym for just £10 to £60 per month (depending on how many keyword phrases you want SEO’d and monitored)

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