How does SEO Gym work

How does it work?
SEO Gym uses powerful search engine optimization (SEO) software tools that help you to get higher rankings on the search engines, get more customers and make more sales. Our software is regularly updated to make sure that it is 100% fully compatible with Google’s latest ranking algorithms. (This means that you can always stay ahead of your competitors who may not have access to this tool)
How exactly does it work?
1. You choose the keyword phrase and the search engines that you want to rank high for.
For example, this can be Google, Yahoo, Bing or their local variations.
2. SEO Gym carefully analyzes your web page using humans and computers to do this.
We will then analyze all the relevant ranking elements on your web page and the backlinks to your website and calculate a ranking score (as a %) based on that information. The higher the ranking score, the more likely it is that your website will be listed on the first result page of the search engines.
3. We then show you in detail what you have to change
If your website does not have a 100% score, we will tell you in plain English what exactly you have to do to improve your web page and the backlinks to your site. The advice will be customized precisely to your website, the chosen search engine and the chosen keyword. We will tell you in detail what you have to change and how you have to change it.
4. You make the changes on your web page
In the final step, you change your website until there are no further recommendations that can be made (At this point SEO Gym should be giving your website a 100% rating, or very close to it).
That’s it. No catch, no strings attached, no hassle. If you follow the advice of SEO Gym then your website will get much better rankings – Period.